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November 1, 2013
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You are sitting on the ground, pulling grass up as you stare at the horizon in boredom.  A girl walks up to you, blocking the view of the sun.

    "Do you hate me?"

    You blink.  "What?"

    "Do you hate me?" she repeats.

    You stare at her.  "Uh, why would I hate you?"

    "You don't talk to me."

    "Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I hate you."

    "So... you don't hate me?"

    You think for a moment.  "Well, I don't know you, so I guess I don't hate you."

    "So, if you knew me, then would you hate me?"

    You stare at her.  She strikes you as being very odd.  You are unsure of what to say; a part of you wants her to just go away.

    "Uh, I don't know...  Do you want me to hate you?"

    She shakes her head furiously.  "No. . ."

    "Then why are you asking me if I hate you?"

    "Because I wanted to know," she answers.

    She suddenly sits down next to you, her skirt covering her knees.  "May I ask you something?"

    You are finding this conversation very uncomfortable.  "Umm, I guess...  What is it?"

    "Will you be my friend?"

    You blink.  You see her deep blue eyes staring up at you pleadingly.  You know what you want to say: you want to tell her to leave you alone.  You can't, though.  Instead, you say, "Uh, sure.  I- I guess I could be your friend. . ."

    Her eyes brighten and she smiles.  You find that your heart is beating rather fast.  This is a new sensation for you.

    "Okay!  Let's be friends!"
~~~     ~~~     ~~~
You are sitting at a lunch table, alone.  The cafeteria is crowded and this was the only way you could get away from everyone.  No one comes to sit with you; you don't stand out that much.

    You feel something hard collide with your shoulder, almost like someone punched you.  You wince and turn, opening you mouth to exclaim, "Hey!  Watch what you're-,"  You stop and feel your face redden.

    She stares at you with an angry look on her face.  Her deep blue eyes are even bluer, and you notice that her usual friends aren't around.

    "Do you hate me?" she asks, her angry look becoming one of sadness in a blink of an eye.

    You blink.  "Wh-what?  No!"

    She looks relieved as you say this, but then her eyes harden in anger again.  "Then why didn't you come over to sit with me when I hollered your name a thousand times?  I figured you hated me and that's why you didn't come over."

    She punches you again, and again you wince.  She then sits down next to you and you are left to stare at her.  She turns to face you, asking, "Why are you alone over here?  Why didn't you look for me?"

    You don't really know how to answer that.  You merely look away from her and shrug.

    She doesn't like your response, but all she does is puts her arm over your shoulders and leans into you.  Your heart beats extremely fast; you hope she doesn't hear it.

    "Next time, you better come and find me, okay?  I don't care what you're feeling; just come and find me."

    You can't meet her eyes, but you nod.  "Yeah, okay.  I'll find you."

    You see that smile of hers again; the smile you can't resist.  "Good!"
~~~     ~~~     ~~~
You park your car on the street, not believing that you have to do this.  There are many cars parked on the street and music is blaring from a house across from you.  Drunken teenagers are dancing, hooting, and hollering on the front lawn; some are even vomiting.

    You check the time.  It's not even eleven.

    You sigh.  You hope that you can find her quickly and get out of there.  This atmosphere is annoying you, and as you walk to the front door you hear a commotion.

    Someone is yanking a girl over into the bushes.  You recognize her, even though she isn't the one you came here for.  She looks like she's struggling against the guy and your eyes widen as you realize what is happening.

    Anger clouds your vision and you march over to them.  You grab the guy's shoulder and yank him off of her.  He yells at you, but you ignore him and help the girl to her feet.

    "Go home."

    She stares at you with wide eyes, and the guy you've been ignoring grabs your shoulder and forces you to turn around.  You dodge his punch and in turn punch him.  You wind up knocking him out, and the girl you helped stares at you with even wider eyes.

    You face her.  "Go home."

    She merely nods, shaking as she stands in place.  You turn away from her and enter the house, the loud music hitting you like a punch.  You blink repeatedly and have the urge to block your ears, but you don't.

    Moving past the entry way, you wander into what looks like the living room.  You immediately spot her on the couch with a red plastic cup in her hand.  Her hazy blue eyes brighten at the sight of you, and she says loudly, "You came!  You came!"

    She drunkenly gets to her feet and stumbles over to you.  You catch her before she could fall, and she stares up at you with a crooked smile.  "You came for me.  I knew you would."

    "You're drunk."  You stare down at her in distaste and take the cup out of her hand.  "Let's go."

    She follows you willingly, almost like a puppy.  You plan on taking her out the front door, but the way is blocked.  You move through the house and finally reach the outside through a side door.  You take her to the front of the house and are somewhat surprised to see that all the teens have moved to the inside.  You don't dwell on it, though, as she tugs your sleeve.

    "Wait.  Are you taking me home?"

    You give her a look.  "Yeah, I'm taking you home.  Where else would I take you?"

    "You could always take me to your house."

    You blink and feel your face redden.  "No, I'm not taking you to my house."

    "Why not?"  She stands in place, swaying slightly as she stares at you.  "You like me, don't you?  You like me a lot."

    You turn away from her.  "Stop it; you're drunk.  I'm going to take you home."

    You aim to walk forward, but she says, "I would do it, you know."

    You turn your head slightly.  "You'd what?"

    "I'd do it with you," she says, smiling as she walks towards you.  "You are really hot.  I've always thought you were.  I'd definitely do it with you."

    You don't really know how to react at this point, but you make sure to hold her at arms length as she reaches you.  "Stop talking, okay?  You aren't yourself."

    "Would you do it with me?" she asks, and you feel your face grow hot.  "Would you want to do it with me?"

    Your face is burning; your cheeks hurt.  "Let's not talk about this, okay?  Let me take you home."

    She stares at you for a moment, but then she starts to pout.  You blink.  "Do you hate me?"

    Your face slowly loses its redness.  You know how to deal with her whenever she asks that.  "No, I don't hate you.  I've never hated you."

    "Then you'd kiss me if you didn't hate me, right?"

    Your face becomes red again.  You don't know what to do at this point with her in her current state.  "I don't...  I don't hate you, but...  I'm not going to kiss you."

    She pouts again.  "Then you hate me."

    You sigh.  "I just said that I didn't hate you."

    "If you won't kiss me, then you hate me."


    "Kiss me," she says, and you slowly realize that she's drawing closer.  You know you should push her away, but your arms feel like jelly as she pushes against them.  She's extremely close now; her eyes are fluttering closed as she lifts her face up to yours, and...-

    She passes out.  You catch her again before she falls and try to calm down your thundering heartbeat.

    Looking down at her, you feel yourself smile slightly.  Shaking your head, you sigh.  "Gees.  What am I going to do with you?"
*****     *****     *****
You wake up with your head pounding.  You groan and stretch, but you can't seem to open your eyes.  Wherever you are, it seems bright; brighter than normal.

    You slowly open your eyes, even if it's just a sliver.  You squint at your surroundings, trying to figure out where you are.  It doesn't look familiar, and you wonder briefly if you're still at the house that the party was hosted in.  You then remember something:

    You remember him.

    He came for you last night and you spouting nonsense, but you can't seem to remember what all you said.  All you remember is coming really close to him, and then- black.  It was all black after that.

    You sigh.  Your eyes have adjusted enough for you to open them almost all the way.  You are better able to see your surroundings, and you quickly realize that you're in his room.  In fact, he is sitting across from you, his back against the wall and his eyes closed.  He's fast asleep.

    You find yourself staring at him- taking in his dark hair, angular features, warm complexion.  He really isn't bad looking, and right now...  You think he looks rather handsome.

    Slipping out of his bed, you see that you're still dressed in the clothes that you wore for the party.  This relieves you a little bit, even though your clothes now feel weird.

   The room is a little chilly.  You take a blanket off of his bed and silently walk over to him.  You drape the blanket over him and aim to tuck it over his shoulders when he shifts and you hear him mumble your name.  He is still asleep, but he seems even more relaxed and there is a slight smile on his face.

    You don't move; you simply stare at him.

    You then do something you weren't planning.  You lean forward and bring your face to his.  You hold your breath and close your eyes.  In the next instant, you are pressing your lips against his, but just barely.

    They are warm and soft; just like you had imagined.

    You quickly pull away and open your eyes.  You see that he's still asleep, and a wave of relief washes over you.  You stand up and quietly walk over to his bed again.  You lay down and close your eyes, aiming to fall asleep to get rid of the pounding in your head and the intense thumping of your heart.

    But you did it: you kissed him.  After all this time, you finally kissed him...  Even if he doesn't know it.

    You fall back asleep with a smile on your face.
Just a little something that I thought of.  It really has no purpose other than to make you think "awww~".  ^.^  I hope you all like it!  PLEASE leave a comment and tell me what you think!  :D

Also, I wrote this in a style I've never used before.  This is my first time ever writing in this manner, and I was just trying something new.
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